Stepping Up: Preparing for Fatherhood


Learning that your girlfriend is pregnant can be an overwhelming revelation, particularly if you're a teenager or in college. Suddenly, you're faced with the daunting reality of becoming a young father. This can trigger a range of emotions, including shock, fear, anxiety, and even excitement. It's a monumental life change that brings about numerous questions and uncertainties. Here at iChoose Pregnancy Support Services, we empathize with what you're going through and are here to provide assistance. This comprehensive guide offers five practical steps to help you navigate the unfamiliar waters of impending fatherhood.

1. Digest the News

Your initial reaction to the news might be one of disbelief. This is perfectly normal and understandable. Give yourself some time to process the information. It's okay to feel mixed emotions. You may find it helpful to jot down your thoughts or discuss them with a trusted friend or mentor. If you're having difficulty coming to terms with the news, don't hesitate to seek help. At iChoose, we offer free and confidential support services, aimed at helping you understand and manage your feelings about this unexpected turn of events.

2. Communicate Openly

Following the initial shock, it's crucial to have an open and honest conversation with your girlfriend. She, too, is likely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. Share your feelings, fears, and hopes honestly, and provide her with a safe space to express hers. Active listening and empathy are vital during these discussions. Remember, you're in this together. At iChoose, we can provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment to facilitate these sensitive conversations.

3. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power, especially when facing unfamiliar circumstances. Make an effort to educate yourself about pregnancy, parenthood, and the responsibilities that come with them. Understanding the physical changes your girlfriend will experience during pregnancy, the growth stages of the baby, and the fundamental principles of parenting can be extremely beneficial. iChoose offers a wealth of educational resources and even hosts classes that can guide you through this learning journey. Consider scheduling an appointment with us for more personalized information and guidance.

4. Start Planning

Embracing fatherhood means taking responsibility and making practical plans. Consider how you'll manage school or work alongside your new parental duties. Discuss financial preparations with your girlfriend and plan how you'll provide for your new family. Investigate community resources available for young parents – financial assistance, childcare facilities, and educational programs can all be tremendously helpful. At iChoose, we can provide insights and connect you with such resources, aiding you in your transition into fatherhood.

5. Be a Part of the Journey

Pregnancy isn't a woman's journey alone; as a prospective father, your involvement is essential. Accompany your girlfriend to prenatal visits, engage in discussions about your baby's future, and support her through the physical and emotional changes she'll experience. The more engaged you are, the more prepared you'll be when the baby arrives. By being present and supportive, you're already taking strides toward being a good father.


Becoming a father at a young age can indeed be challenging. But remember, you're not alone on this journey. iChoose Pregnancy Support Services is dedicated to providing the support, education, and resources you need during this critical phase of your life. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us for compassionate guidance.


We're here to serve the Wake County and Johnston County areas, including Raleigh, Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon, Clayton, and Garner. Contact us today for more information. The journey to fatherhood is not a race but a unique path that will transform you. With the right support, guidance, and resources, you can confidently navigate this new role. By choosing to step up, learn, and prepare, you are creating a positive impact not only on your life but also on the life of your child. No matter the circumstances, remember that your commitment to this journey holds the power to shape a brighter future for you and your family.

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